Month: May 2020

5 Questions: Q&A with Joe Hibbard

Joe Hibbard is a landscape architect with the Boston office of Sasaki Associates, a planning and design firm with international operations. In 2014, Cantigny retained Sasaki to develop a property “master plan” that became Project New Leaf. Hibbard’s expertise in...

/ May 20, 2020

Renewing the McCormick Allée

In the 1930s, when Robert R. McCormick expanded his Cantigny home with spacious east and west wings, he applied an equally grand idea to the mansion’s southern landscape. An avenue or “allée” was planted: two parallel rows of American Elms...

/ May 20, 2020

5 Questions: Q&A with Scott Witte

Scott Witte became director of horticulture at Cantigny Park in 2018, one year after Project New Leaf began. He was previously director of agronomy (superintendent) at Cantigny Golf, where he served 23 years. Witte holds a bachelor’s degree in Crop...

/ May 11, 2020