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Meet the Oaks

Cantigny Park’s Oak Colonnade, a key part of Project New Leaf, is complete. The new pedestrian walkways and civic scale allée of oak trees at the front of the park will serve as a dramatic and unifying landscape element for...

/ November 6, 2018

Elevating the Guest Experience

A year ago, naming the highest point on Cantigny’s 500 acres might have been a puzzler. Now there is no question: It’s Butterfly Hill, the newly created overlook at the south end of the Oak Colonnade. At approximately 800 feet...

/ November 1, 2018

Coming Soon: More Parking!

Good news: Cantigny is about to have a lot more parking capacity. The south lot, to your right as you enter the park from Winfield Road, will soon offer 350 additional spaces. This represents a 30% increase in total parking...

/ August 15, 2018

Project Overview

Project New Leaf, after years of planning, formally began in November 2016. That’s when we started the massive renovation and update of the First Division Museum. The project is currently in Phase One and will last about five years. It primarily involves the park...

/ August 8, 2017

South Wetland

You may wonder what’s happening on the south side of the southernmost parking area, between the parking lot and the golf course. Glad you asked! Cantigny Park has a brand new wetland habitat, a constructed water detention basin tied to the pending...

/ July 24, 2017