Month: July 2020

5 Questions: Q&A with Matt Langan

Matt Langan is in his twelfth year with the Boston office of Sasaki Associates, a planning and design firm with international operations. In 2014, Cantigny retained Sasaki to develop a property “master plan” that became Project New Leaf. As a...

/ July 31, 2020

A Rocky Debut

Cantigny Park visitors will soon experience a garden within the gardens that is entirely new: a Rock Garden unlike any other in the Midwest. Located just east of the Visitors Center and south of the new Fountain Garden, the Rock...

/ July 23, 2020

5 Questions: Q&A with Chris Pieters

It would be easy to bestow pity upon Chris Pieters, not that he’d ever want it. He joined Cantigny as food and beverage director in May 2017, just as Project New Leaf was getting under way. The project has made...

/ July 7, 2020