When Project New Leaf began in late 2016, we said the golf course would not be affected. Last spring, however, complications regarding the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ jurisdiction of wetlands along Woodside No. 2 stream led to a decision to expand the pond located near Woodside No. 4 tee. This option was chosen for stormwater detention instead of expanding the drainageway at Woodside No. 2 as originally planned. The work now in progress, visible from Shaffner Road, should be completed by Memorial Day, at which time the Woodside nine will reopen full time. It’s open weekends only this month due to construction work Monday through Friday.

The character of Woodside No. 4 is not changing significantly although golfers will see a new look from the tee. On Woodside No. 3, the “bail out” area to the right of the green will be smaller.

We apologize to our golf customers for the inconvenience of the Woodside construction. Thanks for your patience!

Posted by Jeff Reiter

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